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Seniors Out and About in the Twin Cities: Wolves at Target Center

Minnesota Timberwolves at Target Center

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Minnesota has won 5 NBA titles as one of the most successful professional basketball franchises in history! Unfortunately, that franchise, the Lakers, moved to Los Angeles. The Minnesota Timberwolves started this season strong but have hit a couple bumps in the road. It's still early in the season so here's to turning it around! 

Target Center

Our articles for Out and About generally focus on the facility and the game. Target Center, home to the Minnesota Timberwolves, was remodeled between 2016 and 2017. The remodeled facility has a much better fan experience than the original facility built in 1990, at the price tag over $145M. This includes more suites, center hung scoreboard, the glass atrium, and new lighting. These things all add up to more pizzazz factor before and during the game. The team wanted to use the original stadium and build from that point rather than start from scratch. However, how does this impact visiting the stadium with mobility issues?

Activities--A senior wow factor!

seniors and basketball

Dancing and cheerleaders have always been a mainstay of the Timberwolves including these senior dancers. Nowhere else can you catch the grandmas of Minneapolis cut a rug! The Timberwolves Senior Dancers bring groove, funk, swag and style to the court with every performance. Crunch is the other major entertainer at the games. The stunts and gags are memorable. Check out this article and video from the StarTribune

Seating and Getting Around the Arena

Accessible Seating is available on all levels. For seating accommodations, please contact Target Center’s Box Office at 612-673-0900 or at 1-888-9-AXS-TIX (1-888-929-7849) for details. The Guest Services department at Target Center strives to provide exceptional service to all guests, including those guests with disabilities and special needs. If you need assistance during an event, you may visit Guest Services near section 116. You may also reach a Target Center representative at 612-673-1380 during normal business hours. (handicapped seating marked on the map)

Seniors at Target Center


Target Center is fully ADA compliant with a drop-off lane on 1st Avenue in front of the building, elevators that are accessible to all levels of the arena, designated disability seating locations, and wheelchair accessibility.

Guests who require the use of an elevator should park in Ramp A or B and enter the arena on the skyway level. The official ADA drop-off and pick-up location is 1st Avenue in the front of the building.

Guests are encouraged to bring their own wheelchairs whenever possible. Target Center does have a limited number of wheelchairs on-site for all events that can be used to transport a guest to and from their seat location; however, these wheelchairs cannot be left with the guest during the event. A guest services employee can meet a guest at any entrance to Target Center (skyway entrances or LifeTime Lobby), transport them to their seating area and meet them following the event if needed. Due to the limited number of wheelchairs available on site, a slight delay may occur. Guests can call Guest Services at 612-673-1380 with questions regarding accessibility.

Target Center meets all of the ADA requirements for seating and restroom accommodations. The remodeled facility has fairly tight concourses and fewer restroom facilities than you would find at newer places like Xcel Energy Center or Target Field. Like any venue, and probably more so with Target Center, it’s important to pick your time for getting around the building. Between quarters, halftime and before and after games, the concourses will be very shoulder to shoulder--both in the building and the skyways that lead to it. Choose wisely when you are moving around the building to have a better time with your senior loved one.


Target Center is connected to the Target Field station via the skyway system. Target Field station provides easy access to the green and blue line trains as well as the Northstar train. If relying on this form of transportation, watch your game times to be sure the train you want is running at the time the game is starting and ending. Parking in Ramp A or B provides easy entry to the arena when arriving by car on the skyway level. The official ADA drop-off and pick-up location is 1st Avenue in the front of the building. This is good for transportation you have arranged in advance or getting an Uber or Cab if they can accommodate your needs. Please check out this guide for getting around the Twin Cities. Buses are also available to assist you with pickup and drop-off nearby.


When you visit all of the other sports facilities in Minnesota you are faced with a wide array of food choices. Generally, we highly recommend trying the cuisine at the sports facility to best utilize your time. At Target Center you are faced with a typical 1990’s food experience! Maybe this is the experience the Wolves prefer as the chef that leads the efforts in this area is a Chicago Cubs purveyor where they are known for the Chicago Dogs. Unless you enjoy hot dogs and nachos, you might want to eat at one of the other fine establishments in the area before the game. Why before the game? It is much easier to get reliable public transportation immediately after the game than trying to navigate the streets of Minneapolis with a wheelchair or walker in the dark. There is plenty of assistance outside of the 1st Ave entrance around game time but not much help otherwise.

Nearby Eats

There are so many great places nearby the stadium that it seems only right to focus on the sports-related venues--this is about the wolves game! 508, Brothers Bar and Grill, Macs Industrial Sports Bar and The Loop all have a great sports atmosphere and plenty of Televisions to watch other games.

How will they do?

Just like any new season you go in with your hopes high. The team has some great talent, a young head coach along with a new General Manager. The will to win off the court will definitely be there, as it has been for so many years. Carl Anthony Towns is turning into a leader both on and off the floor.  Anthony Wiggins is a lights out shooter.  It remains to be seen if they can be consistent and if Wiggins will eventually learn to play some defense.  On the court they face a lot of unknowns, but if they can get it going it would be a fun year!