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COPD Exacerbation

June 25, 2020 by Tom Berard

A person with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) experiences long-term, progressive damage to their lungs. This affects airflow to the lungs. Doctors sometimes call this… Read Article

Seniors Out and About in the Twin Cities: Getting Crafty

January 3, 2020 by Sam Aisawa

Seniors Out & About in The Twin Cities: Your Artistic Side Read Article

Seniors Out and About in the Twin Cities: Visiting the Big Gardens

July 31, 2019 by Tom Berard

The Twin Cities have a number of world class gardens that are senior-friendly. Read Article

Seniors Out and About in the Twin Cities: Saint Paul Saints

July 9, 2019 by Tom Berard

Another senior-friendly venue to get out and enjoy the Great American Pastime! Read Article

Seniors and Kidney Health

April 11, 2019 by Sam Aisawa

Kidneys and Keeping them Healthy Read Article

Nutrition and Your Heart: Reducing the Risk of Heart Disease

February 13, 2019 by Tom Berard

Senior Nutrition: Foods that Can Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease Read Article

Cancer Risk Reduction for Seniors

February 5, 2019 by Tom Berard

February is National Cancer Prevention month! Read on to learn some simple steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of cancer in seniors. 9 Steps for Cancer Prevention The most… Read Article

Senior Care: 3 Simple Steps to Prepare Seniors for Winter

December 17, 2018 by Tom Berard

Winter Basics for Seniors Going into The Great Outdoors   Read Article

Nurse Care Management: A Proven System to Improve Health Outcomes

November 1, 2018 by Tom Berard

A Path Forward for Seniors Facing Re-hospitalization Read Article

Health Safety Tips as Winter Cold and Flu Season Approaches

October 26, 2018 by Tom Berard

You Can Take Action to Fight Pneumonia Pneumonia can be one of the worst illnesses that a senior can encounter and is generally spread by being out in the community. It is a… Read Article