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Vision Care: More Than Meets the Eye

September 17, 2019 by Tom Berard

What Routine Eye Exams Can Reveal About Your Health Read Article

Diabetes Myths: Separating Facts from Fiction

April 15, 2019 by Tom Berard

Get the Facts on Diabetes When it comes to diabetes, there are many myths that get in the way of the hard facts. Here are some of the more common myths about diabetes ─ and the… Read Article

Seniors and Kidney Health

April 11, 2019 by Sam Aisawa

Kidneys and Keeping them Healthy Read Article

Reducing and Treating Pneumonia in Seniors

March 12, 2019 by Tom Berard

Pneumonia: A Dangerous Disease for the Elderly Pneumonia may be caused by bacteria, viruses, or fungi, and results in inflammation and decreased circulation to one or both of the… Read Article

Recovering After a Heart Attack

February 28, 2019 by Tom Berard

It's crucial to get the proper care following a heart attack. Read Article

Nutrition and Your Heart: Reducing the Risk of Heart Disease

February 13, 2019 by Tom Berard

Senior Nutrition: Foods that Can Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease Read Article

Cancer Risk Reduction for Seniors

February 5, 2019 by Tom Berard

February is National Cancer Prevention month! Read on to learn some simple steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of cancer in seniors. 9 Steps for Cancer Prevention The most… Read Article

Noticing the Need After the Holidays

January 10, 2019 by Tom Berard

When we go home for the holidays, we might see loved ones for more time than during the rest of the year. If you are concerned about some of the things you noticed, it might be… Read Article

How RN Care Management Improves Outcomes

December 4, 2018 by Tom Berard

Staying and Saving at Home with RN Care Management The RN Care Management Process is designed to assist your patients or clients get exactly the services they need. Helping them… Read Article

Nurse Care Management: A Proven System to Improve Health Outcomes

November 1, 2018 by Tom Berard

A Path Forward for Seniors Facing Re-hospitalization Read Article