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Seniors Out & About in the Twin Cities: Friendly Beaches & Lakes

Who doesn’t enjoy a good time at the beach or on a hike in the summer?  The Twin Cities are home to some of the most beautiful lakes and beachside gathering places in the country.  What an awesome idea to take your favorite senior back to a place they enjoyed with their family or maybe even as a kid in our last weeks of summer--these lakes have been around a long time.  

Senior friendly minnesota lakes and beaches

BDE MAKA SKA--Formerly Lake Calhoun

This beach is located just off Bde Maka Ska parkway at 32nd street in Minneapolis.  The lake has a beautiful sand beach that is located just off the paved trail that extends over 3 miles around the lake.  There is an accessible fishing pier to see if anyone can bring in one of those elusive city fish.  There is a tot lot located nearby with shade, maybe the tots would share this year!  Also located nearby is the Minnesota Streetcar Museum. Currently, the museum maintains a fleet of eight historic Minnesota streetcars at the Como-Harriet Streetcar Line in Minneapolis and the Excelsior Streetcar Line in Excelsior.  The streetcars are the rolling museum in this case.  The cars are not easily accessible but if you have the desire, they are an interesting way to spend some time learning about the city and its historic mass transit roots.   

Excelsior Lakes Commons

Speaking of Excelsior-the Excelsior Commons and Port of Excelsior are historic and date back to the origins of the city of Excelsior.  The 13-acre park includes open recreation areas, picnic sites, playgrounds, two swimming beaches, a bandshell, a bathhouse, public restrooms, docks, and docking for public excursion boats.  The Lady of the Lake departs from this dock Tuesday through Sunday with narrated historic cruises.  If you’re game, you can go swimming in lake Minnetonka or lay on the sandy beach.  There is also plenty of green space for a family picnic.  

Bring your lawn chairs and blankets and come enjoy a number of concerts during the summer months. The concerts are held at the Bandshell in The Commons.  There is food, refreshments, beer, and wine for sale at all concerts.  Check out the Commons Concert Facebook Page for additional information!

Lady of the Lakes ready for historic cruises

Elm Creek Park and Pond

Most lakes have been here since Paul Bunyan and Babe walked through Minnesota and created the lakes.  A notable exception is Elm Creek Park Reserve.  Perhaps it’s not so much of a lake as it is a pond but it’s a great place to take a senior on a summer day to the beach.  A chlorinated and filtered swim pond with a sand beach, concessions for snacks, lifeguard station, and handicapped-accessible bathroom/changing facilities are located near the general picnic area.  Elm Creek is operated by Three Rivers Parks and they both allow and provide adaptive equipment at their facilities.  To arrange use of the equipment, contact the park at least one week in advance.  Whether you want to relax on the beach or try something new, they can help make sure you have the equipment to do it comfortably — and at no additional cost.

North Metro Retreat Square Lake

Square Lake and Square Lake Beach near beautiful Stillwater are true gems in the north metro.  Square Lake has some of the clearest water found anywhere in the state and attracts both swimmers and scuba divers.  The beach has over 690 feet of sandy area and is a big reason people go here to swim.  Picnic areas and grills are available as well as a public restroom.  Some assistance is likely needed to get from the parking area to the lake--especially in the sand.  If anyone is interested in scuba diving, the lake has features like an airplane tail, boat, and toilet you can dive down to explore--toilet?  These underwater gems are connected by a rope to help find them.  

Minnesota Lakes are a great part of our state’s culture.  Take your favorite senior out for a swim or picnic at the lake this summer!  


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