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Out and About Twin Cities--Farmers Markets

Local Farmer's Markets seem to pop up on every corner these days.  Perhaps you have tried container gardening but didn't have the right location or you want some fabulous flowers you know you could not grow yourself.  Farmer's markets are fun places you can go and pick up a variety of fruits, vegetables, and cut and potted flowers.  Shopping at farmers’ markets is a great way to support your local economy and ensure you are getting the freshest products!  They often have fun extras like live music, food trucks, and activities for children.  They also tend to be very senior-friendly places.  Flat walking surfaces, public restrooms, and normally are near shade and have areas where you can sit down.  

Farmer selling his organic produce on a sunny day
Farmers Market's often sell organic and other specialized produce.
Basket of fresh organic veg on a sunny day
Great Options!


If it seems early today for local produce and you are wondering what might be in season here is a great guide from Minnesota Grown.  These items are area already at the markets that are open.  Farmer's Markets are also served by producers that have greenhouses, or may sell produce from a field further south--like that super sweet honey and pearl sweet corn you wanted for Memorial Day!  It’s all so delicious.  


Where to Find the Markets

The cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul have very large farmers' markets in multiple locations.  The Minneapolis Farmers Market takes up three larger sheds on the north side of Third Avenue (a separately-run private farmers market take up the smaller market on the south side).  There is generally much more than produce.  Brats and smoked fish are often available, along with local honey and maple syrup.  Minneapolis is open from 6 am to 1 pm on weekends.  The St. Paul Farmers Market is located in Lowertown 290 5th St E, St Paul offering many products including foods from immigrant communities.  The St. Paul market runs for two days on the weekends 7 am-1 pm Saturdays, and 8 am-1 pm Sundays.  If you are hooked up with someone who dislikes vegetables and fruit, you will typically find much more than the produce available, including bagels, breakfast foods, and perhaps Chinese buns.  

As I mentioned these markets are popping up all over including the northern metro suburbs where our Comfort Keepers offices serve.  

  • Andover Farmers Market 13655 Round Lake Blvd NW, Andover, MN 55304 Tuesdays 2 pm
  • Anoka Farmers Market on the Rum starting June 23, 3 pm Riverfront Memorial Park 2201 2nd Ave, Anoka, MN 55303
  • Blaine Farmers Market Tuesdays 3 pm, and Saturdays 8 am, at St. Tim’s Church 707 – 89th Ave NE, Blaine
  • Coon Rapids Ice Center, 3-6 pm, 11000 Crooked Lake Blvd NW, CR 55433
  • The White Bear Lake Farmers Market has been happening since the 1970s in Downtown White Bear Lake on Clark between 2nd and 3rd Streets.  Opening June 30th. Fridays at 8 am.  
  • The Forest Lake market generally runs on Tuesdays at 5 pm 95 East Broadway Avenue, Forest Lake, MN  (website not updated yet.)
  • The Chisago City's Farmers Market will be back this year at Moberg Park, 10656 Railroad Ave. Starting July 7th and running Fridays from 2 pm - 6 pm.  

Chisago City

The Chisago City’s market has the Power of Produce (PoP) Kids Club. The Power of Produce (PoP) Kids Club continues in 2023, this program helps kids discover a world of healthy local produce at the market. Kids exercise their own buying power as they try new fruits and veggies each week!  Kids receive a Free $2 token to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables at the market Specially designed for & open to kids ages 4-12.  

Why I like Farmers Markets--A few years ago I stopped by my local farmers market that I normally just drive past.  I ran into people I knew, bought some flowers that thrilled my wife, tasted and bought some kombucha, and had a really nice time while doing something good for the local economy.  How fun is that!  Give it a try and bring the seniors in your family! 


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